Current Initiatives

Mississippi Initiative 65 – WIN!

In Mississippi, Drug Policy Action supported Initiative 65 to legalize medical marijuana. It creates a safe and legal process for patients to obtain medical marijuana from licensed and regulated treatment centers. It is a remarkable step forward in one of the U.S. regions that have been hardest hit by the drug war, and may open the door for other reforms in the Deep South. Drug Policy Action has worked on this campaign for several years, partnering with our local allies at every step of the way—from drafting the amendment, to signature gathering, and now to victory!

Montana CI-118 & I-190 – WIN!

Drug Policy Action proudly supported Montana Ballot Initiatives CI-118 and I-190 to legalize marijuana in that state. Montana has the highest rate of racial disparities in marijuana arrests between Black and white people of any state. CI-118 and I-190 will reduce arrests and provide for resentencing or expungement of past marijuana related convictions. It also creates a responsibly-regulated system to protect consumers, and invests new revenue in veteran services, conservation programs, substance abuse treatment, long-term health care, and municipal services.

New Jersey Public Question 1 – WIN!

New Jersey Public Question 1 legalizes marijuana for adults. Drug Policy Action has worked for two decades toward marijuana legalization in New Jersey and we were proud to partner on this campaign. New Jersey is one of the top five states when it comes to the total number of marijuana arrests. Each year, the state wastes over $143 million arresting over 32,000 people on marijuana related charges, the vast majority just for simple possession. Enforcement is disproportionately targeted at Black and Latinx people. Question 1 advances racial and social justice, strengthens public health and safety, and fosters economic development.

Oregon Measure 110 – WIN!

Drug Policy Action backed Measure 110, a groundbreaking all-drug decriminalization and treatment initiative, in Oregon. When passed by voters in November, Oregon became the first state to decriminalize drug possession, significantly expanding access to much-needed evidence-informed, culturally-responsive treatment, harm reduction and other health services through excess marijuana tax revenue.

South Dakota Constitutional Amendment A & Measure 26 – WIN!

South Dakota Constitutional Amendment A legalizes marijuana for adult use and Initiated Measure 26 establishes a medical marijuana program. Drug Policy Action was proud to support this local effort. Treating marijuana as a criminal justice issue has led to thousands of needless arrests. In fact, South Dakota has the highest arrest rate for marijuana possession of any state. Constitutional Amendment A legalizes and taxes marijuana for adults, disrupting arrests and reducing government waste. Initiated Measure 26 creates safe, regulated, and legal access to medical marijuana for patients in South Dakota.