A woman wearing a "No More Drug War" shirt speaks at a rally.

Taking Action Against the Drug War

Drug Policy Action works to pass new drug laws and policies grounded in evidence, health, equity, and human rights — and undertakes a wide range of activities including political advocacy and electoral work to support these principles. Drug Policy Action is a nonpartisan, not-for-profit 501(c)(4) organization, and is the advocacy and political partner of the Drug Policy Alliance.

The drug war is a tool to control and punish people.

Punitive drug laws in the United States serve as one of the sharpest tools of oppression. The drug war—and the elected leaders who uphold it—are often misaligned with the will of the people. Our communities want justice, freedom, community safety and healthy communities. Our drug policies run counter to those needs.

Drug Policy Action fights to give power back to the people, upholding the values of an open and democratic society.


Our Initiatives

From the marijuana reform movement to decriminalizing drugs, we are leading efforts across the U.S. that end drug prohibition and invest in communities.