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Press Release October 15, 2020

Drug Policy Action Statement on New Mexico Poll Showing Overwhelming Support for Cannabis Legalization and Equity

A new poll sponsored by Drug Policy Action found overwhelming support in New Mexico for cannabis legalization. The poll found that support is strengthened when key equity components are included, designed to undo some of the worst impacts of the failed drug war. In particular, independent voters showed overwhelming support for these policies.

Blog September 25, 2020

Why We’re All in for Measure 110

Drug Policy Action, in close partnership with allies in Oregon, is spearheading a groundbreaking ballot initiative in Oregon – Measure 110 – that will decriminalize possession of all drugs for personal use and improve access to treatment and other services for those that need and want it.

Blog September 21, 2020

Ensuring Continued Momentum for Federal Drug Policy Reform: A Roadmap for the Next Administration

Regardless of who wins the presidency in November, Drug Policy Action is committed to building on the momentum of the current moment to achieve important federal reforms.

Blog August 19, 2020

Dear Kamala: Letter to Sen. Harris on Being Chosen as Biden’s Running Mate

The following letter was sent to Sen. Kamala Harris from Drug Policy Action congratulating her on becoming Biden’s running mate and reminding her of the promises she made to communities of color and low-income communities — to end marijuana prohibition and begin repairing the extensive harms the drug war has brought upon them — during her own presidential bid.

Press Release August 12, 2020

New Government Report Reveals Racial Disparities in Drug Arrests Will Drop by 95% if Oregon Voters Pass Treatment and Decriminalization Measure Backed by the Drug Policy Alliance

According a new, independent government research report released by the Oregon Secretary of State, racial disparities in drug arrests will drop by an astounding 95% if Oregon voters pass IP44, the drug treatment and decriminalization measure backed by Drug Policy Action, in November.

Statement July 10, 2020

Drug Policy Action Statement on Biden-Sanders Unity Task Force Recommendations

Positive reforms remain overshadowed by harmful drug war policies, such as marijuana prohibition and drug courts.

Press Release July 1, 2020

Oregon Secretary of State’s Office Confirms Drug Treatment & Decriminalization Initiative, Backed by Drug Policy Action, will be on the November 2020 Ballot

Today, after overcoming significant hurdles brought on by COVID-19, the drug treatment and decriminalization campaign backed by Drug Policy Action (DPA), announced its initiative, IP44, will be on the November 2020 ballot. The chief petitioners were alerted of the news by the Oregon Secretary of State’s office after enough of the 160,000 signatures turned in were verified for qualification.

Press Release June 11, 2020

Drug Policy Action Statement on Biden’s Calls to Add Additional Law Enforcement Funding and Proposed “Mandatory Rehabilitation” for Drug Use

In the wake of the senseless police killings of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and countless other Black and Brown people that have resulted in calls to defund the police, Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden problematically responded by calling for an additional $300 million for “community policing” and proposed “mandated rehabilitation” as an alternative to incarceration for drug use.

Press Release March 5, 2020

Oregon Initiative Backed by Drug Policy Action Exceeds Necessary Signatures to Qualify for the 2020 Ballot

Today, the Oregon ballot initiative campaign backed by Drug Policy Action (DPA) announced it has already collected 125,000 signatures, exceeding the 112,020 needed to qualify for the ballot—and will continue collecting to ensure it is well within a safe margin for verification.

Statement October 29, 2019

Beto O’Rourke Unveils All-Drug Decriminalization Plan

Inspired by portugal model, policy shifts focus from criminal penalties to public health.

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